Saturday, 31 October 2009

Air Passenger Duties

What is the Air Passenger Duty (APD)?
APD is a UK Government excise duty payable to the Treasury by UK airlines. However, this tax is only charged once a flight has taken off, and therefore, if passengers do not use their flight, they are entitled to claim APD back. The cost of APD is se t to riise by £1 to £11 on short haul economy flights, and £45 to long haul economy flights to the US, £50 to the Caribbean and £55 to Singapore. There will also be increases for other classes of tickets.
While many airlines and Government figures such as the Hon. David Thompson, QC, MP., Prime Minister of Barbados, are persuading the British Government to amend its Air Passenger Duty proposals, environmental groups have named airlines as the country's biggest tax dodgers. You can read all the full arguments here.